Do you suffer from headaches or neck and back pain? And want to look and feel younger?

Do you suffer from headaches or neck and back pain? And want to look and feel younger?

Mostly we associate a double chin, sagging jaws, wrinkles and thinning lips with ageing. Many turn to heavy makeup with exaggerated lipstick lines or further to dermal fillers, Botox or surgical facelift for that overall need to look and feel younger. No judgement here but when you link the facial changes with headaches, neck and back pain, cracking, popping jaws, ringing in the ears, deafness and sinus congestion you start to realise that all the makeup in the world isn’t going to help. It’s just a bandaid, covering up a deeper issue.

When patients get headaches, clicking and popping jaw joints, age prematurely and are grinding their teeth at night they have a bite problem. This disorder relates not only to the relationship between the lower and upper teeth, it also relates to the jaws that support the teeth, the jaw joints and the cervical spine. Few people equate their neck and back pain with their dental arches, yet muscle tension can be set up by a poor bite. Research shows that 90% of headaches are tension related. If this tension comes from the jaws then it makes sense to correct the bite.
The good news is that as the bite is corrected, the height and position of the teeth restored, the knock on effect is a change in facial form, a more youthful appearance a non surgical facelift if you like and a reduction in pain.

Headaches, neck and back pain, sleepless nights caused by snoring or sleep apnoea, breathing difficulties in children can all be helped with the aid of dental appliances specifically made to deal with the problems.

When the patient’s jaw position is corrected in relation to the jaw joints and upper teeth, there are health benefits and an improvement in the quality of life. The optimum position of the jaw helps people to look younger and more vital.

This harmony reduces stress and tension within the whole system.

Living with chronic pain is both debilitating and ageing, remove the pain, restore function and life becomes renewed.

Dr Bill Kellner-Read is our very own expert in this field. He has been collaborating with Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapist for over 30 years to help their joint patients improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Call Dental Wellness today to let him help you with those chronic head and neck issues and he might even make you look and feel younger.

Keep Smiling,
It’s good for you!

David Cowhig – founder of Dental Wellness

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