Eating chocolate is good for you!

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Dental Wellness shares three great reasons to enjoy a little chocolate this Easter

Ever heard of a dentist recommending a dose
of chocolate?

When it comes to a good quality Cacao based dark chocolate, Dental Wellness encourages a little indulgence. Keeping in mind of course the higher percentage of Cocoa the better for the health of your whole body including your teeth!

So how is chocolate good for my teeth?

Recent studies from the University of Texas show that the organic component of cocoa called Theobromide, has a better effect of remineralising tooth enamel than a prescription of sodium fluoride. This study found that Theobromide made teeth less vulnerable to bacterial acidic attack and demineralisation of precious tooth enamel, lessening the likelihood of cavities.

At Dental Wellness the cornerstone of our philosophy is the connection between your dental health and your whole body health which leads to the second benefit of eating dark chocolate.

How is chocolate beneficial to my overall health?

Cocoa is one of the richest sources of antioxidants in the world. The high flavonoid levels reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Cocoa also contain high levels of Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Manganese and Riboflavin and this combination of minerals aid in relaxing blood vessels and reducing blood pressure, better oxygenation and production of red blood cells and optimising skin and bone health. Cocoa is also rich in a mineral called Resveratrol which has the added benefit of helping to control systemic inflammation as well as calming the central nervous system. All from a dose of Cocoa rich dark chocolate!

The third notable effect of chocolate is its feel good factor! At Dental Wellness we believe that when you smile you feel good and with cocoa rich dark chocolate this feeling of wellbeing can be magnified.

How does chocolate improve my mood?

The Theobromide in dark chocolate not only has benefits for our tooth enamel it also works at increasing our natural endorphin production which in turn acts as a natural high. This helps to keep our mind alert as there is an increase in the blood flow to the brain. So that little piece of chocolate in effect acts as a health boosting anti-depressant. What’s not to smile about eh?

So my message this Easter is that there is really no reason to feel guilty when you reach for that little extra square of cocoa rich dark chocolate!
Happy Easter from all of us at Dental Wellness.

Keep Smiling
It’s good for you!

David Cowhig – founder of Dental Wellness

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