Breathing Retraining Program

The keystone of health and wellness is healthy breathing, which requires the optimal growth of the upper jaw and nasal airway, and habitual calm breathing through the nose using the diaphragm.

Breathing problems compromise health and sleep. Mouth breathing is the major cause of crowded mouths and narrowed jaws. Mouth breathing is also one of the major contributors to upper respiratory tract infections, ear and hearing problems, and asthma attacks. Mouth breathing fundamentally affects oxygenation of the brain.

In our Breathing Retraining Program you will learn why poor breathing develops in the first place and the implications for your health. You will learn the various techniques that you can use to change the way you breathe and to measure the progress you are making. Our Breathing Retraining Program addresses the often hidden cause of your health problems –such as poor posture, inefficient breathing patterns, poor sleep and other acquired habits.

We have both an Adult Breathing Retraining Program and a Specialised Children’s Breathing Program and Myobrace Therapy.


Adult Breathing Retraining Program

The Adult Breathing Retraining Program, addresses the debilitating effect of chronic mouth breathing on energy levels, blood oxygenation, lymph drainage, sleep patterns and the immune system. It is especially beneficial for sufferers of mouth breathing, snoring and sleep apnoea.

We will help you analyse your physical and functional posture habits – the way you sit, stand, talk, sleep and breathe (including deep breathing, yawning and mouth breathing). We will explore how you can respond differently to everyday situations and how this may impact on your breathing.

From the start you will commence breathing retraining exercises that are absolutely essential. Added to this may be posture correction tips and other techniques that you can do to gradually change your habits and behaviours.


Children’s Breathing Retraining Program

The Specialised Children’s Breathing Retraining Program and Myobrace Therapy addresses the habit of mouth breathing and its effect on facial growth in children. By establishing functional nasal breathing day and night, children sleep better; have more concentration, stronger defences, a healthier appetite, higher energy levels and straight teeth.

Nasal breathing and correct swallowing habits prevent many symptoms of ill health such as chronic infection, fatigue, mood disorders, bedwetting, fuss eating and the need for costly and complicated orthodontic intervention from crowded teeth.

The Children’s Program is run separately to the Adult course and is run on Saturdays. A responsible adult must be present with the child at every session.


Important Information about the Programs

It is important to note that this is an Education Program. It is not about us doing the Program for you or providing therapy. It is about helping you and/or your child to retrain your breathing and posture. In the case of children, we cater for the child’s understanding, we show the parent how to teach the child and the parent becomes the facilitator.

We provide all assessment, training, review and the support you need to make this Program a success.

It is about learning to change what you are doing in order to change your health.


Program Structure

The Program is conducted over 6 sessions of 60 minutes each in a small group format. These sessions introduce the concepts of the course and cover the basic physiology, mechanics of healthy breathing and the negative impact that dysfunctional breathing has on posture, energy levels and sleep.

To find out more about the Programs and upcoming course dates please call the Practice on 3511 1399.

What our participants say…

“I took this course a few months ago. I thought I knew more than most about breathing until I heard this material. I was surprised how little I understood my own body in this connection. Being alerted to my faulty breathing by my valued dentist, and its ill-effect on my mouth and teeth, prompted me to action. 

Probably the biggest revelation was the balance of CO2 and oxygen in healthy breathing. I came to understand the importance of CO2 in regulating breathing and pH of the blood. The amazing physiological process, suitably simplified in the course, is worthy of wider broadcast.

In practical result I don’t take my nose for granted anymore but use it in a way that had not occurred to me, realising its manifold beneficial effects on such things as ending dry mouth, easing sore throat (and maybe reducing it and even a flu-preventive), clearing nasal stuffiness, reduced snoring (a definite good result for me), reduced tooth decay (I’m confident of some good effect yet to be measured), improvement in going to sleep (quite rapid, perhaps psychological but real for me nonetheless and related to new sleep preparation ritual), much less unnecessary waking from sleep (improved sleep quality), definite feeling of well-being on waking (much reduced yawning and fatigue), perhaps fresher breath (to be objectively measured!). I now understand the effect of the nose on filtering and preparation of the air entering the air passages and the lungs, and its good effect on dehydration compared to uncontrolled mouth-breathing. I’d sum this as a pleasing consciousness of the nose as a remarkable instrument, previously ignored, to my great benefit.

I should say something of the mouth about which I also learned a lot from this course.  The extraordinary range of exercises, introduced in the course to improve the mouth and therefore get control of it re breathing, are worthy of disciplined attention. Practice and contemplation can only increase desirable consciousness of the waking breath and the interplay between the two remarkable openings – mouth and nose. 

I’m grateful for the information and the benefits I have realised.”  Arthur Powell

To find out more about the Programs and upcoming course dates please call the Practice on 3511 1399.

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