Caitlin Cowhig starts her new career as a Ballerina in Switzerland


Dr David Cowhig and his wife Amy are currently in Switzerland helping their daughter Caitlin aka ‘Kitty’ settle in for her new adventure as a Ballerina at the Bejart Ballet School in Lausanne.

“I want to thank our chiropractor Scott Wustenburg for keeping her together and also Dentist Karen McCloy for the advanced reparative orthodontics that not only improved her airway and sleep, but gave her a smile to show off to the world on stage! Without them, my nutritional guidance and a whole lot of unconditional love and support from Amy and I and her two brothers Conor and Clancy, she would not be where she is today. We are excited about her exciting future career as a ballerina.”  Dr David Cowhig

From all of the team at dental wellness we wish Caitlin every success!



By Dental Wellness |   September 2, 2016   Team | 0 Comments