Direct Composite Veneers

At dental wellness, we strive to give you the best smile without any trauma to your precious tooth structure. Stained, discoloured and mildly crooked teeth can be corrected using Direct Composite Veneers.

An attractive solution, Direct Composite Veneers are economical and can be fitted in a minimal number of visits whilst achieving a great result. The process involves placing tooth-coloured material over the front surface of the tooth to improve its shape, colour and overall appearance.“White fillings” are made of composite resin and are directly placed on the tooth and cured (set) with a blue light.

Direct Composite Veneers improve the appearance of teeth significantly and help create a safer, healthy, beautiful smile.


Case Study

JD has lots to smile about…

JD was taking the next exciting stage in life and getting married so he came to dental wellness looking to achieve optimal dental health. After addressing any inflammation and decay from his mouth, he was keen to improve his smile for his wedding day.

Working with JD and his beautiful fiancée Marisa, we created a mock up of what his new smile would be like. A prolonged appointment without the need for any dental anaesthesia was carried out to create a beautiful healthy smile.

As you can see from the stunning wedding shot they are both incredibly happy and would light up any room with their smiles.