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The link between your mouth and a great night's sleep
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We often take sleep for granted until we are not getting enough. Your body ideally sleeps in 90 minute cycles [...]
Is lemon water good for you in the morning... and how does it work?
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Here are three theories and three important warnings to help reduce your dental bills. Hi there, I am Dr David [...]
Do you suffer from headaches or neck and back pain? And want to look and feel younger?
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Same day ceramic crowns and fillings
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Why choose a same day ceramic restoration over a white resin filling? At Dental Wellness we are passionate about creating [...]
Rectangle easter choc 2017 blog
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Dental Wellness shares three great reasons to enjoy a little chocolate this Easter Ever heard of a dentist recommending a [...]
5 ways holistic dentists are just like traditional dentists... and 5 ways we're different
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“What is a holistic dentist? I’ve never heard of that before!” Lets break it down. We trained for 5 years [...]
Dr Tom reflects on the past 3yrs at Dental Wellness
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Taking time off with his growing family, Dr Tom reflects on the past 3yrs at Dental Wellness. What a privilege [...]
Can dentistry reverse the ageing process?
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Everyone wants to age gracefully. Medical science is constantly striving to discover the magic bullet to achieve this goal. Could [...]
By Dental Wellness | November 3, 2016
Dr David Cowhig is the first Australian Dentist to have received SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) Certification from the [...]
By Dental Wellness | September 2, 2016
Dr David Cowhig and his wife Amy are currently in Switzerland helping their daughter Caitlin aka ‘Kitty’ settle in for [...]
By Dental Wellness | August 3, 2016
Lifestyle has an enormous impact on all aspects of everyday life, including body, mind, work, family and ageing. ?The links [...]
By Dental Wellness | August 1, 2016
This weekend Melbourne is host to the 10th Annual A5M Conference and Expo that brings together a panel of international [...]
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Anyone touched by cancer often laments on the lack of early detection tests. “If only we knew sooner – in this [...]
By Dental Wellness | July 4, 2016
This winter why not inject more of the wonder food Turmeric into your diet. Here are three recipes to get you [...]
By Dental Wellness | June 30, 2016
Recently I attended the Australian Society of Periodontology Conference. Australian’s best Specialists in Periodontology and Implantology were there to get [...]
By Dental Wellness | April 18, 2016
Natural Health and Anti Ageing practitioners understand the importance of a healthy mouth when striving for optimal wellness. It is [...]
By Dental Wellness | April 13, 2016
Over the past few months, while continuing to care for our clients in our practice at the Gap, we have [...]
By Dental Wellness | December 11, 2015
We have just read a great update about coconut oil that supports the advice we have been sharing with our [...]
By Dental Wellness | November 20, 2015
Did you know that the genes that control the biological clocks in cells throughout the body are altered after losing [...]
By Dental Wellness | November 11, 2015
Bad teeth don’t just happen to old people. There are common problems and concerns that young people have that we [...]
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Make the most of the delicious and nutritious pulp and seeds from your Jack O’lantern with this refreshing take on [...]
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Take 30 seconds to answer these vital 10 questions to see if your dental health could be contributing to your overall health [...]
By Dental Wellness | October 12, 2015
While we are out of the worst of the flu season, we recommend the following healthy flu shot as daily [...]
By Dental Wellness | October 5, 2015
When you wake up in the morning and start talking to your partner, have they ever suggested you go and [...]
By Dental Wellness | September 21, 2015
When you’re planning to start a family it is important that both you and your partner are as healthy as [...]
By Dental Wellness | July 8, 2015
Dental Wellness was recently invited to give a presentation to a federally sponsored Conference taking place at the Royal Exhibition Conference Centre [...]
By Dental Wellness | July 6, 2015
In our previous article on The link between your mouth and a great night’s sleep we spoke of the importance of [...]
By Dental Wellness | June 17, 2015
Many of our patients enjoy a glass of water with lemon squeezed into it to help alkaline the body and stimulate [...]
Rustic bacon and pumpkin soup
By Dental Wellness | June 11, 2015
There is something about cooler, shorter days that makes me want to eat soup. Its a great way to sneak [...]
By Dental Wellness | June 9, 2015
With the cold finally upon us and that long list of yummy, tummy warming winter recipes that call for a [...]
By Dental Wellness | March 20, 2015
Okay, we’ll keep this short and sweet. Pure chocolate decadence that is sure to get you through the temptation that is [...]
By Dental Wellness | March 20, 2015
I am often asked “What is the best time to use coconut oil as a mouthwash?” Traditionally oil pulling was [...]
By Dental Wellness | February 20, 2015
The keystone of health and wellness is healthy breathing, which requires the optimal growth of the upper jaw and nasal [...]
By Dental Wellness | February 13, 2015
With Valentine’s Day approaching, making an indulgent sweet for your “Sweet” could be just what the Romance doctor ordered. Who [...]
By Dental Wellness | February 10, 2015
So… In our house we have been searching for a delicious pizza that ticks all of the boxes and the taste [...]
By Dental Wellness | February 9, 2015
Mouth Breathing in children and adults carry serious consequences for the individual’s health. Gingivitis, gingival enlargement and increased levels of [...]
By Dental Wellness | February 6, 2015
Patient health is my top priority. My patients want an aesthetic and natural tooth replacement with no side effects for [...]
By Dental Wellness | January 31, 2015
I’ve just read an interesting white paper by Dr Daniel Sindelar about the link between Alzheimer’s Disease and oral health. [...]
By Dental Wellness | January 20, 2015
With the start of the school year just around the corner, mums everywhere are starting to stress about what to [...]
By Dental Wellness | January 16, 2015
If you are anything like me, you will have started 2015 with a renewed vigour and a focus on your [...]
Image: Taste Magazine
By Dental Wellness | December 19, 2014
With Christmas just 6 sleeps away and the delicious over indulgence that occurs during the Holiday season (despite our best [...]
By Dental Wellness | December 8, 2014
You may have noticed some new faces on a recent visit o the clinic and we would like to formally [...]
By Dental Wellness | December 4, 2014
We have all heard of the saying “You are what you eat”. This has been adapted to nutritional medicine philosophy [...]
By Dental Wellness | December 2, 2014
You may have noticed some new faces on a recent visit o the clinic and we would like to formally [...]
By Dental Wellness | December 2, 2014
In early October, we were proud to be included in The Gap Health & Racquet Club’s Open Day. It was [...]
By Dental Wellness | November 27, 2014
A recent study by Dr Mark C. Houston, an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Vanderbilt University School of [...]
By Dental Wellness | November 22, 2014
It’s great isn’t it when your efforts are acknowledged? Since our practice began, we have consciously taken steps to ensure [...]
By Dental Wellness | November 19, 2014
Herbs have long held a holistic place in our wellbeing. Prized since ancient times, we all use herbs in our [...]
By Dental Wellness | September 15, 2014
The simple practice of oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method for detoxification and rejuvenation. Many people oil pull to [...]
By Dental Wellness | August 15, 2014
Calcium and magnesium work hand in hand to build our teeth and bones. Our society is more often than not deficient [...]
By Dental Wellness | July 15, 2014
Our team at dental wellness regularly advise our patients to add coconut water to their daily hydration options. Not only [...]
By Dental Wellness | June 15, 2014
The nutritional properties of each of these nutritional powerhouses could fill an entire book. Every single one of them has [...]
Xylitol sugar replacement
By Dental Wellness | May 8, 2014
Xylitol is a 100% natural sweetener without the side-effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners. It also has a number of [...]
By Dental Wellness | January 10, 2014
Late last year, two doctors in the USA announced the first cure of the Ebola infection in the world with [...]
By Dental Wellness | February 3, 2011
After much discussion, the dental profession is moving towards more environmentally friendly methods and materials with programs like Dentists for [...]
By Dental Wellness | February 3, 2011
Dentistry as a profession prides itself as being based at the forefront of preventative healthcare, but it could be time [...]
By Dental Wellness | February 3, 2011
Holistic dentistry has not been a field widely embraced by dental professionals. But the tide is turning, with more patients—and [...]