White for life program

Whiter teeth project health and wellness. Our aim is not to give you a safer, healthy beautiful smile for just today but for life. We developed our ‘White for Life’ program help you maintain your smile for life.

At dental wellness we want to provide you with products and services that not only work well but are also gentle on your teeth and body. It is for this reason our ‘White for Life’ program promotes Laserbrite in-surgery teeth whitening system.

LaserBrite is a state-of-the art in-surgery teeth whitening system capable of whitening teeth 7 to 10 shades lighter in a matter of minutes, not weeks!

The system consists of a gentle Hydrogen Peroxide based whitening gel and a special Xenon-Halogen light source. The Xenon-Halogen light source offers a unique benefit, as it delivers an optimal band width of 350-530nm for the acceleration of photochemical decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide, the main activator in teeth whitening.?A special liquid filled light guide, transmits all the light energy, eliminating all of the heat, making the experience a cool and comfortable procedure.

Fast – Whitening with Laserbrite can whiten teeth by 7 to 10 shades in only minutes, not weeks, usually in under an hour!

Safe – LaserBrite whitening is a safety tested professional treatment that does not soften the tooth enamel structure.

Comfortable – Laserbrite’s activating light is delivered through a cool liquid gel, allowing optimal whitening with little or no heat transfer.

As part of our White for Life Program, if you have the Laserbrite procedure and then return every 6 months for a checkup and preventative hygiene visit dental wellness will give a complimentary laserbrite boost every 2 years for life.

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