David’s Tip of the Month


Many of our patients enjoy a glass of water with lemon squeezed into it to help alkaline the body and stimulate digestion. Apple Cider Vinegar and Kombucha are also popular choices.

Although these remedies are good for your digestion, there can be catastrophic dental problems due to their use.

There is a smear layer of saliva resting on the tooth surface and under the gum. This biofilm, at rest and on rising, should be protecting the tooth from acidic and bacterial attack.

First thing upon rising, your saliva flow is low and the lemon water will be buffered to an alkaline state in the floor of your mouth but the biofilm on the teeth can not. The biofilm becomes very acidic for at least 4 hours and there is a risk brushing your teeth will actually remove your precious enamel as it is softer.

Have your teeth become yellow over the years?

When you lose enamel the yellow dentine that sits underneath the enamel becomes more evident . This is a sign of acidic erosion and not staining.

David’s Handy Tip

Whenever using lemon water, ACV or Kombucha , always bathe your mouth in an alkaline bicarbonate of soda solution afterwards.  A simple teaspoon of bicarb in a glass of water.

Keep Smiling, Its good for you!