11 Questions to ask your Holistic Dentist


Natural Health and Anti Ageing practitioners understand the importance of a healthy mouth when striving for optimal wellness. It is important to choose the right dentist who understands your philosophy and is prepared to work with you to make sure you are eating well, breathing well and sleeping well, not suffering from head and neck pain and have a natural smile that reflects your inner beauty.

The term Holistic Dentist is cropping up all over the internet. How do you determine if this is a marketing ploy or the real deal? Here, we share 11 questions you can ask a holistic dentist to gain an insight into the way they treat patients and the procedures they use.

1. Is your practice mercury-safe?

Your silver fillings are comprised of over 50% mercury that is a toxic metal with no safety level. All amalgam removal should be carried out with safety precautions protecting the patient, dentist, assistant nurse and the environment. Latex free Dams, medical oxygen and strong specialised air filtration should be standard when using amalgam cutting drills that remove existing mercury silver fillings. High strength suction, air filtration and wastewater-specialised traps are also essential to stop amalgam remnants from going into the ecosystem. Additionally staff should not come into contact with amalgam remnants and should be protected from breathing mercury vapour.

Over 100 countries, including Australia, have signed the Minamata Convention treaty to commit to the phase down of the use of dental amalgam in dentistry.

2. Does mercury releases from my silver mercury fillings when I eat, drink and grind my teeth?

A large filling may contain as much mercury as a thermometer. Mercury vaporises at room temperature and is odourless, colourless and tasteless. Inhaled mercury readily absorbs into your bloodstream. The World Health Authority has concluded that dental fillings are the main source of mercury body burden and published research demonstrates it is more toxic than lead, cadmium and arsenic. No amount of exposure can be considered harmless.

3. Do you carry out root canal therapy? If so, how do you sterilise the tooth?

If the answer is yes, ask if they use lasers or ozonated solutions to eradicate bacteria, fungi and viruses that reside in the root canals and dentinal tubules. Do they refer to a Specialist Endodontist to get it done as well as it can be, if removal is not the option you desire?

Nunnally S,DDS,MS, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol 27, No 3, 2012,112-116

4. How do you test for possible toxicity of a dead tooth?

An integrated holistic dentist should have access to a toxicity test that tests for release of byproducts from dangerous anaerobic bacteria and also access to DNA analysis of the bacteria present in and around the dead tooth. The DNA report identifies the micro organisms that exist in the mouth and their relationship to the health of bodily systems including the heart, nerves,lungs,kidneys,white and red blood cells,sinus,liver and spleen,oral cancer, prostate and stomach ulcers .

5. Do you recommend fluoride products and fluoridation?

Holistic dentists should have an alternative preventive programme for patients who do not want to use any fluoride products, by implementing excellent oral hygiene, diet, hydration management and nutritional guidance.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is a nutrition education foundation that is a resource hub for this information.

6. Do you test for electrical galvanism in your patients mouth?

A study by Jaro Pleva found that if you have different metals in your mouth such as mercury silver amalgam metal fillings, gold crowns, implants and metal dentures, there will be an electrical charge between all of these metals that can lead to corrosion and mercury release from amalgam fillings.

7. Have the dentists undertaken postgraduate qualifications and training in Nutritional and Environmental medicine?

Being a member of a Society does not count, as they have not undertaken recognised training.

8. Do you place Titanium implants?

Historically a Titanium implant has been the only proven choice of dental implants until ceramic implants were invented. Swiss and German dentists have placed zirconia ceramic implants for over 13 years. Zirkolith Z-Systems Ceramic implant systems are available for use in Australia with TGA approval. They offer a 10 year structural warranty.

9. Is your practice fragrance free?

Chemically sensitive patients do not need exposure to perfumes, essential oils or chemical room deodorisers. The air quality should be optimal in a dental environment. Incorporation of whole facility air filtration systems neutralising up to 99.7% of airborne microbes and allergens .

Refer to Air Oasis for more information.

10. Do you assess airways and breathing habits in young children to reduce the need for orthodontics ?

It is important that your child visits a holistic dentist who will identify and address any early breathing issues that will have a negative effect, not only on the development of their jaw and smile, but also their long term wellbeing.

Refer to Myobrace for more information.

11. Do you use natural health products for dental conditions?

Knowledge of natural remedies is part and parcel of a true holistic dentist’s repertoire when dealing with pre and post surgical management and post amalgam replacement. It is imperative that your dentist understands why you are taking any nutritional supplements and how they might interact with any medication or treatment required.


dental wellness has over 20 years of experience with a holistic philosophy in dentistry. Dr David Cowhig , founder of dental wellness, qualified from Kings College London in 1989 and gained a Fellowship in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in 1998 . He has continued to carry out post graduate study in integrated and complementary medicine and is passionate about Holistic Dentistry, becoming the number 1 choice for referral from the natural health and Anti Ageing Community.

dental wellness is lucky to have another passionate holistic dentist, Dr Tom Wauchope. He follows the same protocol as Dr David Cowhig and has a keen interest in children’s dentistry and development of healthy teeth and jaws for a healthy life.

If you want safe removal of your mercury fillings, natural treatment for your bleeding gums or metal free same day restorative and cosmetic solutions then dental wellness is the holistic dental practice for you. Being happy with your smile is an integral part of your overall self-esteem and wellbeing. Working closely with a world-class Australian based dental technician, dental wellness can achieve the smile you have always dreamed of, with the reassurance that your health is our priority.

At dental wellness we create Safer Healthy Beautiful Smiles. Isn’t it time you thought differently about your dental health?