Avoid Amalgam removal while breastfeeding


When you’re planning to start a family it is important that both you and your partner are as healthy as possible.

Recent research in genetic expression called Epigenetics shows that your baby will take on both parents genetic strengths and weaknesses. Lifestyle changes can have an impact on your expression of your genes. Dental Wellness can help with both nutritional advice, to optimise your genetic expression, as well as addressing any oral inflammation, infection and toxicity present in your mouth.

The natural health industry has routinely recommended the removal of any mercury amalgam fillings prior to planning a family. This needs to be done with a strict protocol that protects you, the dentist and staff, and the environment. Ideally the removal of amalgam fillings and their replacement with non toxic composite or porcelain materials should be addressed at least six months prior to conceiving. The mercury released from dental amalgams has been shown to cross the placenta during pregnancy and is also transferred via breast milk during breast-feeding.

If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding it is not advised to consider any mercury amalgam removal. Alternatively, Dental Wellness recommends a soft mouth guard worn during sleep to prevent grinding and clenching on your amalgams at night. Dental Wellness can also direct you to a natural health practitioner to optimise your diet and lifestyle during these crucial times in you and your babies’ lives.

Keep Smiling, Its good for you!