Dr Tom reflects on the past 3yrs at Dental Wellness

Dr Tom reflects on the past 3yrs at Dental Wellness

Taking time off with his growing family, Dr Tom reflects on the past 3yrs at Dental Wellness.

What a privilege it is to work in a field and an environment that brings you daily enjoyment, challenges, and spurs you on to pursue greater results in every aspect of your profession. The last three years at dental wellness have provided me with this kind of environment. Taking time away from work allows you to reflect, and I truly could not think of anything I would rather be doing.

Dentistry, as with all healthcare professions, is built around caring for people. So often though, healthcare becomes focussed on a small part and misses the bigger picture. Since I started my journey in dentistry it has always been my passion to treat the whole. Coming to work at dental wellness has allowed a greater development of this ethos and most importantly puts me in daily contact with people who are likewise minded, looking for answers past the surface symptoms.

Life is full of joy at the moment with my beautiful wife, 2 year old daughter and our newest little girl already 6 months old! Between family, and not trying to lose too much skin mountain biking, I have been able to pursue further education in a number of fields to broaden and complement what we are able to offer at dental wellness. Breathing, myofunctional orthodontics, nutrition, systemic health, and most recently a course to optimise the use of our CEREC unit. Being able to provide definitive ceramic solutions in one visit is an essential part of a modern dental practice and with the ability to provide digital solutions for an increasing array of problems, it is an exciting time for both dentists and patients.

We are always learning, and the human body is always changing so I can’t see a time where I will tire of helping people on their journey of health. Time away is fantastic for rejuvenating the mind and refocusing on the core reasons why I choose to practice as a holistic dentist. With that rejuvenation (or possibly exhaustion from a baby crying at night!) I look forward to seeing or meeting many of you once back in the practice.

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