5 ways holistic dentists are just like your dentist and five ways we differ to give you better health.

5 ways holistic dentists are just like traditional dentists... and 5 ways we're different

“What is a holistic dentist? I’ve never heard of that before!” Lets break it down.

  1. We trained for 5 years at Dental School and continue to keep up with continued professional development every year since qualifying and are registered as a dentist.
  2. We like to see you regularly for preventative care so that you minimise your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  3. We accept all of your private health funds to contribute to your dental investments in yourself.
  4. We carry out all aspects of dentistry including cosmetic smile makeovers.
  5. We follow the strict cross infection controls set down by our governing bodies.

Now this is where we differ!

  1. We are conscious that your medical health can be effected by your dental health and vice-versa. If you have chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, auto immune, epilepsy and even cancer you should make sure that the health of what is in your mouth is optimal. Find out more
  2. We understand and accept that your silver fillings are made up of over 50% Mercury and unfortunately this leads to micro mercury release all of the time, especially when you chew, grind or heat them with food. The World Health Authority states that there is NO level of Mercury that does not cause harm. Holistic dentists support the recent Minamata treaty that was signed by over 100 countries including Australia to phase down the use of Mercury in Dentistry. We would prefer a total phase out.You may be concerned about replacing your Mercury amalgams safely so that your medical health is not negatively effected. You would prefer a positive medical benefit.
    We go to great lengths to safely replace your fillings so that you are not potentially harmed. We not only protect you but also our staff and the precious environment. A responsible waste management plan is in place.
    You will receive strong long lasting tooth coloured replacements that will make you want to smile.
    We follow the SMART international protocol (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocol). Find out more
  3. We strive to work together with you to rebuild your teeth without the use of old fashioned metals. Same day dentistry with ceramic inlays and crowns or BisGMA free tooth coloured resins are all now possible. All ceramic bridges, veneers and crowns that feel and look like real teeth. But best of all we offer bioceramic dental implants instead of metal titanium posts without any side effects or allergies. Find out more
  4. We follow a strict protocol for all surgical procedures such as infected tooth removal or ceramic implant placement. Nutritional support prior to and post operatively to boost the bodies ability to heal. Post graduate studies in Nutritional and Environmental medicine, Epigenetics and Anti-Ageing Medicine. The use of Ozone infused solutions are used to boost healing and kill any harmful pathogens. We even take steps to use your own blood healing accelerators with A-PRF (Autologous Platelet Rich Fibrin) to reduce the risk of post operative infections and accelerated healing. Find out more
  5. We set out a personalised Oral Fitness Plan to get you a Safer Healthy Beautiful Smile. We work alongside our Oral Health Therapists and Wellness industry practitioners to tailor an Oral Health Plan uniquely designed for you. Find out more
If you would like to see if a holistic dentist could help you achieve a healthy mouth that would lead to better health take the quick Oral Fitness Test today.


Give us a call on 07 3511 1399 and discuss how we can help you create a safer, healthy, beautiful smile.


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