Four common oral health mistakes to avoid

Four common oral health mistakes to avoid
Don’t make these missteps on your journey towards total dental health

If you’ve decided to focus on improving your oral and overall health, we’d like to be the first to say, “congratulations”! At Dental Wellness we’re firm believers in the holistic dentistry philosophy.

Yet even with holistic dentistry, there are still some behaviours which you should take steps to avoid. By ensuring you don’t make these four common mistakes, you can make the most of your oral health and ensure a healthy smile and happy body for life.

1) Replacing your mercury fillings without proper precautions
If you decide to have your mercury silver fillings replaced, ensure that your chosen dentist takes adequate care to avoid the risk of you inhaling or swallowing toxic filling material.

Ask your dentist about the special precautions they plan to take when removing amalgam fillings from your mouth. Check that the dentist is fully trained in the SMART protocol (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique).

For example, do they isolate the tooth in question with a rubber dam to prevent you swallowing any mercury amalgam scraps? Will they provide a separate oxygen source so that you don’t inhale harmful mercury vapour? Does the dentist carry out mercury safe protocols when collecting toxic material for disposal, so that it won’t pollute our precious waterways?

Having this information can not only ensure your peace-of-mind, but your health and wellbeing too.

2) Not making dietary changes before mercury removal
Deciding to remove the mercury amalgam fillings from your mouth is an excellent step in improving your oral health. Yet at the same time it’s important not to ignore your diet and its effect on the pH of your mouth.

To ensure your overall good health, try to minimise your intake of processed foods, and increase your consumption of protein, green veggies, probiotics, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

If in doubt, it’s a great idea to see a nutritional specialist or naturopath for further guidance for your individual situation.

And while we’re talking diet, the health benefits of consuming garlic, onions and coriander and turmeric are high – so consider adding these delicious condiments to your menu!

3) Choosing a dental treatment based on price alone
If you’re tempted to opt for cheaper metal dental crowns or bridges from overseas, here’s a fact that might make you think twice.

It’s very unlikely that these cheaper offerings will be made to Australian standards – which means you may be putting a dangerous metal in your mouth to suck on for years.

Instead, consider choosing the safe, white, strong alternatives to metal tooth replacements from a metal-free dental practice in Australia. There is a metal free solution for fillings, crowns, bridges, and now even dental implants too.

4) Using lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for prolonged periods
You’ve probably heard of the health benefits of drinking lemon juice or apple cider vinegar regularly, to aid with weight loss, fight diabetes, or lower cholesterol.

However, because of their very high acidity it’s important to take care. If like most of us you drink these acidic liquids early in the morning, your saliva flow will be at its lowest. This means the biofilm on your tooth enamel will be exposed to a major acidic assault, which can lead to sensitivity, root decay, and dissolving of your existing resin fillings and even your tooth enamel.

To prevent this attack, try holding a bicarbonate of soda solution in your mouth for about a minute after drinking lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. This helps to rebalance the acidity in your mouth and protect your teeth.

It’s also very important not to brush your teeth for 40 minutes afterwards, as you’ll be brushing a weakened enamel due to the acid attack – literally scrubbing them away.

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The decisions you make about your dental health can have a huge impact on your quality of life. For more advice and support in ensuring your oral health and overall wellbeing are in great shape, get in touch with us today.

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