I’ve wrecked my teeth and I’m still in my youth!


Bad teeth don’t just happen to old people. There are common problems and concerns that young people have that we come across almost daily. In this blog, we address these questions and concerns.

Concern #1     Will my teeth fall out if I smoke for years?

Heavy smokers generally have weaker immune systems and are more prone to gum disease. When unattended to and advanced you will get infections under the teeth and loss of jawbone resulting in the loss of your teeth. Are you looking forward to dentures?

Concern #2     If I experiment with social drugs such as speed, ice or Ecstasy will it have any effect on my mouth?

Social drugs are a common attraction to a younger generation who feel invincible. As well as stimulating your senses they also stimulate your nervous system creating a racing heart and an uncontrollable urge to move your jaw which can lead to major permanent damage to your teeth.

Reduced saliva flow, which is also a common side effect of social and prescription medication, also contributes to an acceleration of the loss of tooth structure.

Concern #3     My teeth are being ground down rapidly. What can I do about it?

When you realise you are wearing your teeth away it is disturbing. When your eye teeth lose their pointy tips and your front four teeth have all reduced to the same height it is time to visit dental wellness.

We will advise you on the cause and guide you to prevent further loss with nutritional advice and the provision of a night guard. It is possible to rebuild the teeth to their original shape using advanced cosmetic dentistry. dental wellness can create your Safer Healthy Beautiful Smile again.

Concern #4     Are soft drinks like Coke really that bad for my smile?

The natural pH of saliva is 6.8 -7. This indicates neutral. A pH lower than this is acidic by the power of ten for every unit. i.e. a pH of 6 is 10 times more acidic than 7 and pH 5 is 100 times too acidic.

Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Pepsi Max all have a pH of 2.5 -3. This is over 10000 times more acidic that your neutral saliva pH. Your tooth enamel will dissolve in a pH of 5.2 so it is clear that these drinks will literally dissolve your teeth to nothing. When your enamel is lost your teeth become brown and sensitive. Nobody your age wants the smile of an 80 year old!

Concern #5     Is it true that you can get throat cancer from performing oral sex?

Recent studies have shown that there is a human papilloma virus that resides in the throats of certain throat cancer victims. It has been shown to be the possible causative element. This HPV16 virus also resides in the vagina. A risk of transfer of this virus to your mouth is a real risk factor and will potentially become a major issue in the future.

Concern #6     If I kiss someone can I catch his or her mouth bacteria?

The mouth is colonised by millions of different bacteria, viruses and fungi.

When a mouth is healthy, there is good saliva flow and the pH is neutral, any opportunistic bacteria picked up from another persons mouth can be taken care of. However, if you or your partner have active gum disease and tooth decay, it is possible to transfer the specific bacteria between you. Depending on your pH and immune system, you may get a transfer of their condition to your mouth. Our tip – It’s best to know whom you are kissing!

Concern #7     All of my family has weak teeth!

This is a common excuse for not looking after your teeth properly. There are conditions passed from parents to children that inherit poorly formed enamel protection. A familial trait of poor diet and dehydration along with bad hygiene will leave you at risk. Step up and take responsibility for your own mouth and it will thank you.

Concern #8     My lower lip is always dry and cracking… why?

You are a mouth breather! Your nose is for breathing and your mouth is for eating and drinking. When you are a child and you have swollen tonsils and adenoids you will adapt to become a mouth breather. As a result your teeth will become crooked and your sleep will be disturbed. Address your nose breathing and your health will improve. Mouth breathers are often struggling with asthma and multiple allergies. Come and see us at dental wellness for an assessment and solutions to the problem.

Concern #9     When I play contact sports, do I really have to wear a proper mouth guard?

Let’s go through a quick scenario… If you fracture a front tooth from not wearing a mouth guard it may firstly need to be filled as an emergency. After some time, the tooth may darken and need root canal treatment. This may again flare up and lead to chronic infection that will affect your health in many ways. The tooth will then be removed and a denture fitted as a temporary measure. A bridge or implant will then be planned with a crown over the top.

Over those precious years of your life, you will never be comfortable smiling at anyone and this may affect your self-esteem. Taking all of this into account don’t you think you should get the best mouth guard that money can buy when you play a contact sport?

Concern #10     I chipped a front tooth ages ago and did nothing about it. No problem!

If the trauma chipped the enamel shell only, not involving the inside dentine then you may get away with it. If the dentine is exposed it is now exposed to all the bacteria in your mouth and susceptible to attack from acids and plaque. The risk of nerve irritation is high which will lead to sensitivity. dental wellness prides itself on its ability to restore this tooth quickly and painlessly using its cosmetic dentistry skills. A simple composite resin can make this chipped tooth look perfect again.

Concern #11     I love my tongue stud and lip ring.

I want you to think of the music video by Miley Cyrus called Wrecking Ball. When you have a tongue stud made of surgical steel, gold or platinum it will have the same effect on all of your teeth. Your tongue moves about uncontrollably when asleep and it is common for cracking of molars and premolars on the inside walls. Chipping of your front lower teeth is common. Certain social drugs like speed and ecstasy can increase and exaggerate tongue activity and the damage can be potentially catastrophic.

A lip ring will be a constant irritation to your gum and teeth close by. This can lead to permanent loss of bone around these teeth resulting in major recession and sensitivity. Advanced specialist gum surgery can in some cases repair some of the damage, but usually you are left with a weak area in your dentition for the rest of your life.


As alarming as the information above is, we hope you share it with everyone you care about. With a direct correlation between your mouth and overall health, we will help guide you to safely achieve total wellness and regain your safer, healthy, beautiful smile.

Keep Smiling, Its good for you!