The Power of Ozone!


Late last year, two doctors in the USA announced the first cure of the Ebola infection in the world with a safe treatment costing less than $50.

A physician who had been recently trained in the Rowen-Robins Ebola Treatment Protocol, accidentally stabbed himself with an Ebola contaminated needle. He implemented the protocol which uses the specific Robins Method of Direct Intravenous infusion of ozone gas (DIV).

DIV ozone therapy is considered “experimental” for Ebola at this time and thus is not permitted in the treatment centres as yet.

After just 2 days of treatment, all of the doctor’s symptoms of the Ebola virus were gone..  The two doctors who made the announcement believe the earlier this life-taking viral infection is aggressively treated, the higher the chances of recovery.

Today, Dr. “X” is in apparent good health and completely symptom free.

It’s amazing to think that a naturally occurring gas could be the answer to the world’s worst epidemic. It shows that we need to open our eyes and minds and think out of the box when approaching health issues.

The curative and disinfecting effect of Ozone gas is an astonishing phenomenon, a completely naturally occurring product that out performs most if not all disinfectants and antiseptics. The undisputed disinfection power of ozone over other antiseptics makes the use of ozone in dentistry a very good alternative.

At dental wellness, we use Ozone as an effective and non-destructive method of treating dental decay and gum disease without invasive or destructive treatment.

You can read the original Ebola Cure Press Release here.

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