Retrain your Breathing for Better Health!


The keystone of health and wellness is healthy breathing, which requires the optimal growth of the upper jaw and nasal airway, and habitual calm breathing through the nose using the diaphragm.

Breathing problems compromise health and sleep. Mouth breathing is the major cause of crowded mouths and narrowed jaws. Mouth breathing is also one of the major contributors to upper respiratory tract infections, ear and hearing problems, and asthma attacks. Mouth breathing fundamentally affects oxygenation of the brain.

As part of our focus on our clients’ overall health, we are introducing a Breathing Retraining Program.

If you answer yes to any of the following this program can help you.

  • Do you snore?
  • Do you stop breathing in your sleep?
  • Do you suffer from sleep apnoea?
  • Can you hear yourself breathe?
  • Do you suffer from hay fever?
  • Do you breathe through your mouth?
  • Do you suffer from blocked nose?
  • Do you awake with a dry mouth?
  • Do you get short of breath?
  • Can you feel your upper chest move when breathing?
  • Does your nose get blocked when you lie down?
  • Do you or your children have crooked teeth?
  • Do your gums bleed when you floss or brush your teeth?
  • Do you suffer from sore jaw?
  • Do you wake up at night to go to the toilet?
  • Are you constantly tired during the day?
  • Does your child suck his/her thumb?

Our 6 session program is an education program that is focused on helping you and/ or your child to retrain your breathing and posture. We simply show you how to do it – it is about you learning to change what you are doing in order to change your health.

You can find more information on what is involved in the program by calling us today on 3511 1399.

Isn’t it time you thought differently about your breathing?