Same day Ceramic Crowns and Fillings

Same day ceramic crowns and fillings

Why choose a same day ceramic restoration over a white resin filling?

At Dental Wellness we are passionate about creating Safer, Healthy, Beautiful Smiles for your better health and longevity.

There is a great up to date dental alternative when safely replacing the old fashioned silver mercury fillings in your mouth, and at Dental Wellness we take all precautions possible to protect our patients when they choose to replace these fillings with modern alternatives. Why choose a ceramic option? We are often asked why do we recommend the use of a more expensive filling material than composite resin. I want to take this opportunity to explain why we recommend ceramic fillings, called CEREC, as an alternative option to composite resin when restoring some of your teeth.

The environment in your mouth is extremely harsh. We need to use materials in your mouth that can resist high and low temperatures, a highly acidic environment and heavy pressure from chewing, grinding and clenching. Everything we eat and drink puts stresses on your teeth, as well as the additional stress of clenching and grinding our teeth while we sleep. The dental enamel we are born with is the strongest material in the human body designed to meet these constant challenges of day to day life. If you have lost a lot of tooth structure over the years it is up to your dentist to try to replace that lost tooth tissue with a material that is comparable in terms of strength and longevity as well as being resistant to the same constant attack that your original teeth were under. Sadly the truth is nothing man-made will be a good as your own tooth but Cerec ceramic fillings are as close as it gets to a strong long lasting replacement of tooth tissue.

Because of this, Dental Wellness has invested in the Cerec technology. It allows us to rebuild a broken or decayed tooth with minimal removal of healthy tooth tissue and restore it with a strong tooth coloured material that is up to the challenges of the lifestyle of your mouth, all in a single visit. Cerec technology has been developed over the past 30 years and studies have shown over 87% of all restorations placed are still in the mouth working hard 20 years on.

One of the best features of Cerec fillings is the convenience of a single dental visit, this service fullfils the needs of our local patients and those traveling to us from throughout Queensland and beyond.

Keep Smiling,
It’s good for you!

David Cowhig – founder of Dental Wellness

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For further enquiries about same day Cerec ceramic fillings give us a call on 07 3511 1399 and discuss how we can help you create a safer, healthy, beautiful smile.


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